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Microsoft Cloud Services

The cloud services are designed to create a unique method of working for each group, organization and company. We offer Microsoft 365; Microsoft Azure LEARN MORE

SAP business management system

As a representative of BST- a golden partner of SAP, we offer all innovative SAP products, consisting an integrated solution, oriented towards working processes management. LEARN MORE

Customer relation management software

An innovative solution for improving customer communication, giving the ability to integrate a PBX phone system, live chat or chatbot. In addition to improving your customer service level, these tools also provide statistics and results which you can analyze to better manage and grow your business.
Smart business management
Business management requires many resources – people, finances, time. Our services are designed to increase gainings, optimize cost and working processes and improve customer’s relations.
Microsoft Cloud Services
Office 365
  • Do more
    Get Office applications with artificial intelligence tools, online storage and file sharing.
  • Work better together
    Work in collaboration, share and communicate through flexible tools, which are always at service to your team.
  • Build your business
    Attract more customers and improve the efficiency of your business operations.
  • Protect your data
    Set up and manage users, devices and data, which gives you more time to concentrate on your business.
  • Easy to use
    Set up and manage users, devices and data, which gives you more time to concentrate on your business.
  • Microsoft Guaranty
    Online and telephone support 24/7



Mail and social networks


Cloud space


Chat, meetings and conversation



Microsoft Azure

Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform.

With its modern functionality, you can include virtual machines, SQL databases, archive resources, and do more without worrying about damage or old hardware and software.

The platform works with every operation system and supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems.

Azure provides access to integrated services, including processing power, storage, applications, data and networks, so that it can quickly manage infrastructure, accomplish more tasks and, above all, save money.

Cloud services

Highly reliable applications and APIs on an unlimited scale.

SQL Database

A relational database with full functionality as a service


Highly accessible applications with flexible scale

Service Bus

Connectivity of public cloud applications with private cloud solutions

SAP business management system
Real-time information that enables you to make quick and effective management decisions
  • In-memory technology
  • Built-in analytics tools
Re-engineering work processes with improved productivity
  • Maximum performance and speed
  • Integration with other SAP applications
SAP Fiori модерен потребителски интерфейс
  • Easy to work with
  • Running on any device
Simplified design
Customer relationship management software

Cloud IP PBX phone system performs the functions of a standard PBX phone system, without the need for the client to purchase and store equipment. The platform is located (hosted) in data centers, where extremely high security and continuity are guaranteed.
The service is web based, giving you access to a user-friendly interface through which you can manage its functions, such as internal users, IVR menu and messages, call queues, number groups, time zones, and more. Statistics for all calls and call recording are also provided.
Cloud IP PBX phone system supports IP phones, software phones, or encrypted web-based software phones. It is suitable for the following companies:

It is suitable for the following companies:

  • SoHo ( HoReCa, Beauty and Health, Car Trade, Tourist Services)
  • SME ( Clinics, Restaurants, Dental Studios, Hotels, Real Estate)
  • Large (Hospitals, Consumer financing, Insurance, Car-Parts Trade, Retail)
Chatbot is a software solution that simulates a conversation with a person and automates communication with customers. It "communicates" with the client and answers the most frequently asked questions.
The questions and answers are introduced in advance, which requires definition of business specifications and preparation of appropriate scenarios.
The software can work with external applications, programs and platforms.
Having in mind that business digitalization is accelerating each passing day, chatbot is a good solution, which has already become an important part of digitalization and digital marketing.
  • It reduces cost and increases sales
  • Reduce the time to make an order
  • Flexibility
  • Time saving
  • Functional improvements
  • Efficiency

Cloud IVR is cloud-based platform, designed to deliver flexible, secure, scalable and reliable solutions enterprises need to automate voice calls.
With Cloud IVR enterprises can improve their customer experience. This is done through voice menu, voicemail, working hours, organization of groups of GSM / fixed numbers and other functions. Companies can monitor statistics, listen to conversations in a convenient and accessible web-interface.

What are you getting:

  • ACD (automatic call distributor)
  • CTI (Computer-telephone integration)
  • Various automated dialing methods
  • A script with over 50 functionalities
  • Monitoring
  • Reports and statistics
  • Own templates for importing and exporting data