The design of CCTV systems is a key element in achieving the desired goals and high efficiency.

Proper selection of CCTV equipment is the basis for successful project implementation.

We can provide you a reliable and high-quality solution that meets the highest security and monitoring requirements.

Lead Vision Ltd. is partnering with leading importers of CCTV systems and accessories. We offer VCRs, HD cameras, IP cameras, CCTV software, video walls, monitors, lenses, active networking equipment, accessories in a wide variety and availability. Our team of specialists and engineers will offer you the best project for building a CCTV system.

Access control

The purpose of access control systems is to control and regulate the passage of persons and vehicles.

Access control is based on the identification of the object by RFID contactless cards, fingerprints, codes, vehicle tags or other identifiers tailored to your requirements.

In order to achieve the highest level of security, the access control system has the ability to be integrated with other physical security solutions (CCTV, fire alarm, etc.).

By building integrated systems, an extremely high level of protection and awareness is achieved.

Our solutions guarantee a secure network that meets your needs!

We will help you find out what is the best opportunity for your business!

Perimeter security

Perimeter security systems are a reliable and effective method of preventing unauthorized access to protected areas. They reduce the risk of vandalism, theft or harm. They are designed for outdoor installation and particularly suited to the security of sites located in large territories.

We will assist you decide what type of perimeter security to use by carefully considering the potential risks, taking into account the physical security measures as well.

Types of perimeter security systems:

  • Infrared barriers;
  • Microwave barriers;
  • Combined barriers;
  • Perimeter security with external detectors;
  • Sensor cables;
  • Specialized video system for object detection and tracking.


The characteristics of biometrics are physically measurable patterns that are used to identify an "object", which can be considered as an important method for recognizing and identifying people.

A biometric system is an automated system that can record individual biometric samples, extract biometric data from them, compare it with other biometric samples, and finally let us know if the identification process is successful or not.

By using biometrics, you get the highest level of security and safety for your business.

Biometric fingerprint recognition systems have several advantages. One of them is typical of the other biometric methods – there is no use of keys or cards that can be lost or falsified, no code or combination that can be forgotten or stolen. The time for registering / checking the identity of staff upon entry is reduced. Access to real-time current presence information is provided.

Biometric technologies are now an integral part of our daily lives. They are a modern and reliable solution to complex problems, providing a high level of security, access control of buildings and separate premises with special mode, control of working hours, access to work with apparatus, computers and equipment, access to information, transactions or other kind of data. The new European documents and visas, including the new ID cards in Bulgaria, have an integrated electronic chip with biometric information. Biometric systems are getting more and more into society.